Daan: How we made our website blazingly fast

Static websites

Static websites differ from dynamic ones in that they don’t rely on a webserver or CMS (like Wordpress) to serve content. All pages are static and generated beforehand. This has various benefits when compared to dynamic sites:

  • Security. There is no code execution when requesting a page, reducing your attack surface.
  • Costs and scalability. Since you’re just hosting static HTML and assets, hosting costs are reduced and scaling is a lot easier.

The JAMstack

A recent trend in web development called the JAMstack makes development of static websites an easy and enjoyable experience. It’s often described as “a modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.”

Tying it all together

Of course, we also needed an easy and accessible way (for non-coders) to update content on the website. That’s why we decided to go with Ghost for content management. Its editing interface is easier and simpler than Wordpress, which makes using it more enjoyable while ensuring styling consistency between posts and pages.



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