How to develop a successful data product? A whitepaper by Xomnia

Developing a data product is an exciting, yet challenging, adventure. In our whitepaper, we share a multitude of best practices adopted throughout our experience as a leading AI consultancy. We aim to help you increase the likelihood of creating useful, valuable, accepted, and trustworthy data solutions for your organization or clients.

Questions that the whitepaper answers:

  • What skill sets are needed for a data project?
  • How to structure a data project?
  • What preconditions must be met to ensure the success of a data project?
  • What challenges are often encountered in data projects, and what best practices can be put in place to overcome them?

To download the whitepaper, click here.

About the whitepaper’s authors

This paper is written by Analytics Translators Marieke Peeters and Robin van den Brink. Marieke and Robin have strong backgrounds in user-centered AI design and strategic management, respectively. Their combined experience covers a broad range of clients (government; healthcare; defense, safety, and security; education; retail; and aviation). Together, they bring a strong foundation to share key findings from their day-to-day work



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