Xpert insight: the journey of our Chief Data Scientist

Last week

“If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?”, Jorrit asks. One of those icebreaker questions which helps instructors to get their students talk. It’s 9 o’clock, somewhere in Holland.

My journey

At the moment I work with a team of 16, which consists of data scientists, engineers, database specialists and frontend developers and the same amount of business translators, UX designers, lawyers and crime analysts on a project to detect improper use of housing space in Amsterdam such as illegal hostels and hotels. Some of us are colleagues from Xomnia, others work for the Municipality. Together we form a truly interdisciplinary team with a lot of different personalities and expertises. No day goes by without learning something new about a field you didn’t even know existed.


And now, five years into the journey with Xomnia I come to realize why I find it so hard to choose a superpower: I believe that every single one of us already has all the superpowers that we need. After experiencing it myself and coaching countless people of all ages and backgrounds, I know that everyone can immerse themselves in ice-cold water and feel great.



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